Ken Grime

  • Ken Grime (BEc/LLB) Ken has spent over 20 years advising universities. He has led the Legal Offices of two Go8 universities – the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University.  While in private practice he advised other Go8 and non-Go8 universities.

    Before returning to private practice recently, Ken spent nine months as the CEO of the National Judicial College of Australia managing and devising educational programs for the judiciary.

    Ken is experienced in all aspects of legal issues facing universities including those involved in research – both in relation to commercial contracting, sponsored research, commercialisation and other forms of funding of research. He is also an experienced adviser in disputes over research misconduct, authorship and management of research projects.

    On the commercial side, Ken’s expertise extends to formation and governance of spin-off companies, research partnerships and international research collaborations.